Thai massage in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel

Seree Traditional Thai massage

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Thai massage in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel


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Treating the body with massages is an old tradition that still exists today.
Studies shows that massage is an effective treatment for both pain and relaxation. Thai massage is a combination of yoga, stretching and acupressure, working with the body's energy lines, while the oil massage is a more relaxing form of massage using odorless oils or aromatic oils. Will apply slow and softly movements all over body. More focus on sore muscles and relaxation. Would you like to know more about our massage treatments?
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Thai massage in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel

Massage treatment

Back Massage
Couple massage (partner)
Shoulders - neck massage

Do you feel stiff in the neck and shoulders? A shoulder and neck massage relaxes your stiff muscles and makes you more mobile. Massage also prevents stress and promotes blood circulation.

Reflexology massage

The Thai foot massage is based on the ancient Chinese foot reflexology massage, where areas on the foot correspond to organs and body parts. The masseur works with both fingers and a small wooden stick and massages the reflex points under the feet, which affects the internal organs, muscles and joints.

Thai oil massage

The oil massage promotes blood circulation in the muscles, counteracts stiffness and pain, and lowers the stress level in the body, making it easier to deal with stressful situations and increases the awareness of your body, how it is built and what care it needs. It releases the hormone oxytocin, which activates the body's "rest" system.
The massage is applied directly to the skin with massage oil.
The oil is absorbed by the skin, so you do not have to take a shower afterwards.

Do not walk around with stiff and sensitive joints.
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